Taamallah Farm

Name of producer/farm and company name: Fareed Taamallah & Eyad Taamallah. Family business

Address: Qira, Salfit province – Palestine
Phone: 022423271
E-mail: fareedt99@yahoo.com

Owner: Taamallah family
Possibility to visit the company (yes or no, if yes indicate on which days): yes, in October during olive harvest.
Possible accommodation facilities (type and number of places): Yes, for 3 people.
Products that can be purchased in the farm: Almonds, Fig, Olive oil and olive pickles.
Description of the family nucleus and their involvement in agricultural activities (brief description): My extended family (brothers and sisters and their kids participate in olive harvest during October, figs and Almonds harvest in August).

Total cultivated area (hectares): 5 hectares
Cultivated area with olives (hectares): 5 hectares
Other crops (which): Zaatar (Thyme), Figs, almonds and grapes.
Ownership of the land (if a part is rented, specify its extension): inheritance from ancestors

Consultants for olive grove: Yes, agronomist
Permanent workers (indicate the number): 3 workers during winter spring
Seasonal workers (indicate the number): 10 people during October
Type of work contract used for permanent workers: daily basis workers
Type of work contract used for seasonal workers: Family members-Free
Use of temporary work (yes or no, frequency): Yes

Total number of litres per year of oil produced on average: 1500 litres.
Direct sale of oil (specify if in the farm, markets, fairs, and percentage): 70% sold for personal at the local market, the rest sold in Arab countries.
Sales in the medium and / or large distribution (specify the percentage and in which chains):
Total sales last year (oil only, sales volume and direct sales): 2000 litres.

A brief history of the company: Not a company, it is family business of our private land.

Historical and geographical mention of the territory (summary information): An old village built on a small hill located between Nablus and Ramallah.

Environmental conditions of the place and the production area (possible environmental risks): draught and shortage of water in addition to land grabbing by Israelis.

My principles and ideals as producer: to produce good, clean and fair oil not only for humans but also for the planet.

My opinion on the use of GMOs: Totally against

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