Almoni olive oil

coming from nabali type of olive trees. Palestine.

Olive harvest (year): 2018

Olive growing

Variety/ies: Nabali and Souri.
Municipality/ies where is produced: Qira-Palestine.
Olive grove surface (hectares): 5 hectares
Number of olive trees: 700
Age of the olive trees: vary from 5 years old to 700 years old.
Plant distances and cultivar: 8 meters
Exposure – altitude: 500 meter above sea level

Type of cultivation (conventional, integrated, organic, biodynamic, with or without certification, other particularities): Organic baladi
Certification companies: no
Any laboratory used for analysis: yes.

Quantity of olives produced in the last olive-growing campaign: 3000 kilos of olives.
Treatments in the last olive-growing campaign (active principle and treatments): hand picking and using animals plowing.

Fertilizations in the last olive-growing campaign (active principle and fertilization): Natural-sheep’s manure.
Works carried out in the last olive-growing campaign (trimming, cutting of the suckers, etc.): Plowing, trimming, removing thorns and bad grass and building stone terraces.
Months of olive harvest of the last olive-growing campaign (from / to): from October 4th until October 20, 2018.
Collection method: Hand picking.

Oil pressing

Name and location of the mill used in the last olive-growing campaign: Qirawi mill, Qira village.
Distance between the place of harvest and the olive oil mill (average distance): 2km.
Delivery times of harvested olives (daily, other): daily
Methods for storing olives (boxes, covered square, vehicle area): Boxes in the shade of the trees.
Extraction / pressing mode: machine

Average processing times (from delivery of olives to oil pressing): 2-3 hours
Method of storage of extra-virgin olive oil: stainless steel container.
Quantity of extra virgin olive oil produced in the last olive growing campaign: 1000 litre.
Place, storage mode of extra virgin olive oil (silos, cisterns, inside, outside, other): stainless steel tank inside.

Place and method of packaging: home
Type of packaging (from 5, 3, 1 liter, cans, glass bottles, other): 16 litres cans, 4 litres cans.

Chemical characteristics (acidity, peroxides):

Organoleptic and free description

My olive oil is (sweet, spicy, fruity etc.): fruity


Source price per liter: 10 Euros
Average package price (packaging + label): 2 Eur
Total price (referring to the packages, specify the size): 12
Shipping costs (to be added to the total price):

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