We are Ghvino

Ragione sociale:
Indirizzo: Nebieridze District, village: Kveda Sakara – 2004 Zestaponi – GE
Telefono: +995 577 902902
E-mail: kirkita@weareghvino.ge
Sito internet: https://www.instagram.com/weareghvino/


Proprietario: Giorgi Kirkitadze
Possibilità di visitare l’azienda: Yes, Mostly during pre-harvest and harvest time.
Eventuali strutture ricettive: For now only two rooms in the house.
Eventuali servizi in azienda:
Eventuali prodotti acquistabili in azienda: Wine
Descrizione del nucleo famigliare e loro coinvolgimento nelle attività agricole:
My grandfather was producing wine for the family.

Estensione terreni: 1 ha
Altitudine: m s.l.m.
Superficie coltivata a vigneto: 1
Tipo di conduzione: shared ownership
Tipo di coltivazione: Organic, without certification
Eventuali società di certificazione: N/A
Eventuale laboratorio di analisi utilizzato: N/A

Enologo o responsabile di cantina: Just ME
Agronomo o responsabile conduzione agricola: N/A
Lavoratori fissi: 2
Lavoratori stagionali: 4
Tipologia di contratto di lavoro utilizzata per i lavoratori fissi: Verbal Agreement
Tipologia di contratto di lavoro utilizzata per i lavoratori stagionali: Verbal Agreement
Ricorso a lavoro interinale: NO

Vini prodotti:
Tsitska: White dry wine, village Kveda Sakara
PeRose: Otskhanuri Sapere, Light Red (legally Rose) dry Wine, Kveda Sakara

Numero totale di bottiglie prodotte: 600
Vendita diretta:
Canali distributivi:
Vendita nella media e/o grande distribuzione: Direct Sale (not always at the winery), mostly sold in small bistros and restaurants, sometimes on local fairs (less than 15%).
Totale vendite ultimo anno solo vino: including own productions and partnered winemakers it was 3800 bottles.

Una breve storia dell’azienda:
We Are Ghvino is a wine enthusiastic project. We produce, explore and bring natural wines to the local and international scenes.
As a start-up we found success by discovering interesting winemakers in Imereti, western part of Georgia and by partnering up with them some wines made it to Denmark (other countries as well) and eventually ended up in Michelin Star rated restaurants in Copenhagen.
As producers we mostly hit the local market by supplying local bistros/small shops. Slowly we hope to increase in quantity and grow our production to export them as well.
Another and most important side of We Are Ghvino is to seek for beginner winemakers or farmers without good conditions across the country and support and develop them at early stages. Like Nebieridze Marani. This year we plan to collaborate with a young girl from Georgia’s occupied territory.
As for me, I have been a wine lover for more than 7 years now. After connecting my life with wine I immediately started attending lots of wine schools and seminars. Now I mostly operate in my family village house in Kveda Sakara. My grandfather has been producing wine for the family all his life. We had an organic and diverse vineyard at our place. Grandpa, Vasil Nebieridze (my mother’s father) was famous with his wines in our village and not only. Unfortunately he passed away in 2001, when I was just 11 years old, so we didn’t have much of a wine connection. From the time I decided to be a winemaker and enthusiast it’s been a matter of honor and big responsibility for me to restore wine making tradition in our village house, currently I partly did it, but still in a process which will last more and more years. My great grandfather Moses Nebieridze put Kvevris in our yard around 150 years ago. They cannot be used at the moment but I plan to restore, clean them with high temperature steamers and at least give a chance to produce great wines again.

Cenni storici e geografici sul territorio:
Historically my village is known to be the place where during 19th century Vladimer Staroselski alongside with Ioseb Guntsadze (this year I’m going to produce wine in honor of Ioseb Guntsadze, who actually was distant relative of my ancestors, but don’t tell anyone yet :D ) were fighting against phylloxera and eventually found success.
As for grapes, it’s a good area for Tsitska and Otskhanuri Sapere.

Condizioni ambientali del posto e dell’area di produzione:
Besides the fact that mostly its clay soil and a lot of places are full of limestones that help us produce wines with saltiness and minerality we struggle with a lot of problems from high humidity to droughts at the same time particularly in my village we have problems with water supplies.
For example, currently we have heat and it hasn’t rained for more than a month(it’s even worse in the Eastern part of Georgia where some villages did get rain for about 2-3 month), I suggest that for most regions it will be taught this year.
As for the future, I plan to plant more vineyards on hills around our area, where there are less problems with mildew, more aeration and most important irrigation systems can be installed more easily.

I miei principi e idealità di produttore:
As a producer I would like to maintain the purity of natural wine as much as possible which will basically depend on a healthy vineyard.

La mia opinione sull’utilizzo di OGM:
My personal opinion on GMO is simple. I try to eat and drink as many non-GMO products as possible but sometimes it’s really hard to.

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